Education to be charged at our Education Rate or $80/hr

Introduction to Permaculture: A brief, 12 hour intensive covering the basics of the history, context, ethics and principles of the Permaculture movement. Dip your toe in. Usually held over a weekend, this course can be customised to suit other specifics.

PDC: Byron is available to co-teach the 72 hour Permaculture Design Course.

Introduction To Permaculture Plants: An 18 hour/3 day intensive course introducing the student to the world of horticulture and botany all from within the perspective of a holistic, Regrarian context. Essentially a modern ethno-botanical exploration, this course provides the student with both academic information plus the hands on practical skills to feel confident in starting their relationship with functional plants. This course too can be customised to suit specifics.

Topics covered include…
• Terminology and Binomial nomenclature
• Families and their characteristics
• Succession and forest ecology
• Root symbionts
• Soil and the subterranean ecology
• Categories/functions of use
• Phytochemical Components
• Organic, onsite mineral sources for Nutrient Dense compost building
• Aquatic plants
• Propagation
• Nursery setup
• Seed saving
• How to plant a tree
and more…

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