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NB: the following are notes for an article I am still working on and should not be considered the final product. – Byron Joel, November 2016. SIBLING REGIONS Building relationships between communities from climatically analogous bioregions.   “Ecology is the foundation of agriculture. Agriculture is the foundation […]

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A LESSON IN IDENTITY – Return To Morocco, 2015

A LESSON IN IDENTITY Return To Morocco, 2015 I’ve recently had the good fortune to have spent 3 weeks travelling through northern Morocco teaching and consulting for the Morocco Integral group. I had some interesting and ultimately very exciting and rewarding experiences. The following is a very […]

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Living Fencing For Mediterranean Climate Regions

LIVING FENCING FOR MEDITERRANEAN CLIMATES Currently we are seeing great innovation and development in the realm of efficient and affordable fencing options making our role as Holistic Planned Graziers and Regenerative Agriculturalists in general all the more simple and viable. However humanity is increasingly finding it’s contexts and […]

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Mediterranean climates article

Please go here to check out the new article on Mediterranean climates. The article is also available as a PDF download.

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David Holmgren, Darren Doherty and Byron Joel on Earth Matters

3CR Radio: Earth Matters 11.01.2015 It’s an old idea, but a good one: turning large parts of Australia’s agricultural land into tree crops, and supplementing grain fields with tree crops as well. Veteran permaculture practitioners and educators David Holmgren, Darren Doherty and Byron Joel share their thoughts […]

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Notes for the Regrarians Advanced Design course

Notes for the  Regrarians Advanced Design course run by Darren Doherty, Bendigo, Victoria, May 2014. By Byron Joel. download as pdf (right click and ‘save as’) The Regrarian Charter: ”Our primary responsibility is to the regenerative enhancement of the biosphere’s ecosystem processes. Our secondary responsibility is to provide the […]

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Byron on Permaculture Voices Podcast

LISTEN HERE In 1929 J. Russell Smith wrote.. “I see a million hills green with crop-yielding trees and a million neat farm houses snuggled in the hills. These beautiful tree farms hold the hills from Boston to Austin, from Atlanta to Des Moines. The hills of my […]

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Byron talks to Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast.

LISTEN HERE From the Survivalist Podcast: Byron Joel is a regenerative whole systems designer, teacher, author and consultant, passionately exploring sustainable human systems.  He provides consulting and educational services through is website Oak Tree Designs.  Byron has a Diploma in Horticulture along with extensive experience in the fields […]

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Byron interviewed on Sustainable World Radio from California

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Tough Fruit

A line of thought evolving from the interest in both epigenetics and the Paleo diet has led to an exploration of low cultivated, western European, Asian and North American fruit trees in our Food Forest systems. What does this mean? Well, we all love fruit. A fresh, crispy apple or […]

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