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In 1929 J. Russell Smith wrote..

“I see a million hills green with crop-yielding trees and a million neat farm houses snuggled in the hills. These beautiful tree farms hold the hills from Boston to Austin, from Atlanta to Des Moines.

The hills of my vision have farming that fits them and replaces the poor pasture, the gullies, and the abandoned lands that characterize today so large a part of these hills.

The unplowed lands are partially shaded by cropping trees – mulberries, persimmons, honey locust, grafted black walnut, grafted heart nut, grafted hickory, grafted oak, and other harvest yielding trees. There is better grass than covers the hills today.

The trees would produce food for both people and for foraging animals, protecting the slopes while increasing their yield.

With the vision of a rich, abundant, paradise ecosystem in our minds, let us stand tall and walk toward that future with tree seedlings at hand.”

Just think about that.

A future filled with tree covered landscapes that produce food and fuel perennially.  A stark comparison to the current system of monoculture GMO corn and soy.

Which future sounds better to you? Hopefully the one with trees in it.

Many of us within permaculture embrace that view of the future and are helping to create it by propagating and planting trees.

My guest today is a self proclaimed plant nerd that is really into trees. He has worked with Geoff Lawton and Darren Doherty, and now he runs his own design firm in Australia, Oak Tree Designs.  My guest today is Byron Joel.

In addition to being a plant nerd, Byron is what I would call a permaculture realist. Realizing the potential of permaculture, while not over promising on results and truly being aware of the newness of the permaculture movement.

In this episode of we talk about the newness of the permaculture movement and how it is evolving. And of course, we talk a lot about trees.

A view of the permaculture of today and tomorrow, Plants and the Evolution of Permaculture with Byron Joel..

(text from the Permaculture Voices web site)

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