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At Oak Tree Designs we apply our background in the fields of land re-vegetation, horticulture, forestry, organics, landscaping, regenerative agriculture and more…

“To assist in the development of culturally and ecologically regenerative agricultural systems which embody and express abundance, resilience, efficiency and beauty” – OTD Statement of Purpose

Based in Margaret River, Oak Tree Designs provides environmentally aware Human Settlement Systems design and education for Australia and beyond.

When working in Perth and throughout the south west we specialise in Mediterranean climate systems taking into account the particular traits of the the temperate-to-semi arid regions of Australia and drawing on our active working relationship with current projects in the Mediterranean region and North Africa.



Byron in his role as Nursery Manager for the Koanga Institute’s Heritage Fruit Tree collection, Kotare Farm, Wairoa, New Zealand…

Byron is a student and practitioner of eco-agricultural regeneration with a focus on mediterranean climate regions of the world. He is based in south Western Australia from where he runs Oak Tree Designs and the Regen Australis project. He travels internationally to teach, study and practice.

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, working for his fathers landscaping and irrigation company, Byron’s love for plants became clear early in the piece, leading him to study Horticulture and Botany, refining his knowledge, skill and appreciation for the human/plant relationship, all the while working in a number of positions at numerous retail and propagation plant nurseries and re-vegetation, tree planting and land care services.

Discovering Permaculture in the early 2000′s Byron devoured all the information he could find and set to work connecting with like minds and putting ideas to practice, taking his first Permaculture Design Course in 2004 and second in 2009.

After visiting Permaculture Research Institute of Australia for their Internship in 2010 Byron felt eager to return and and did so in the positions of both Nursery and WWOOFer Coordinator at Zaytuna Farm. After relocating to New Zealand he held the position of Nursery Manager at Kotare Farm home of the Koanga Institute and the Permaculture Research Institute of New Zealand.

Armed with the invaluable tool of hands-on field time and a Diploma in Horticulture, Byron’s embryonic affinity toward plants has developed and evolved into a wider passionate drive to the broad scale regeneration and restoration not only the planet’s much degraded ecology but also the human communities that inhabit her. Byron has studied and integrated design and implementation techniques from numerous related systems including Holistic Management, Natural Sequence Farming, Bio-dynamics, Natural Farming, the Regrarian Platform, Restoration Agriculture and more…

Byron has worked internationally as both educator and consultant and has an ongoing working relationship with numerous projects in Morocco.


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