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Based in Margaret River, Oak Tree Designs provides environmentally aware Human Settlement Systems design and education for the Mediterranean climate regions of Australia and beyond.

With years of experience in the fields of permaculture, land re-vegetation, horticulture, organic food production, landscaping and more, we are excited to assist you in creating your next step toward self sufficiency and nourishment. From the smallest herb garden to full scale, rural homestead design or broad scale land rehabilitation, we have the experience, skill and vision to bring you there.

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Recent Articles

  • A LESSON IN IDENTITY - Return To Morocco, 2015
    A LESSON IN IDENTITY – Return To Morocco, 2015
    A LESSON IN IDENTITY Return To Morocco, 2015 I’ve recently had the good fortune to have spent 3 weeks travelling through northern Morocco teaching and consulting for the Morocco Integral group. I had some interesting and ultimately very exciting and rewarding experiences. The following is a very […]...
  • Living Fencing For Mediterranean Climate Regions
    Living Fencing For Mediterranean Climate Regions
    LIVING FENCING FOR MEDITERRANEAN CLIMATES Currently we are seeing great innovation and development in the realm of efficient and affordable fencing options making our role as Holistic Planned Graziers and Regenerative Agriculturalists in general all the more simple and viable. However humanity is increasingly finding it’s contexts and […]...
  • Mediterranean climates article
    Mediterranean climates article
    Please go here to check out the new article on Mediterranean climates. The article is also available as a PDF download....

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