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Based in Margaret River, Oak Tree Designs provides environmentally aware Human Settlement Systems design and education for the Mediterranean climate regions of Australia and beyond.

With years of experience in the fields of permaculture, land re-vegetation, horticulture, organic food production, landscaping and more, we are excited to assist you in creating your next step toward self sufficiency and nourishment. From the smallest herb garden to full scale, rural homestead design or broad scale land rehabilitation, we have the experience, skill and vision to bring you there.

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Recent Articles

  • Dehesa Australis
    Dehesa Australis
    DEHESA AUSTRALIS “A society grows great when old people plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” – Greek proverb. This paper is an invitation to join a discussion on the future of Tree Crops in Regenerative Agriculture in the Mediterranean climate regions of...
  • RegrariansTalk with Byron Joel and Darren Doherty
    RegrariansTalk with Byron Joel and Darren Doherty
    In this RegrariansTalk event Darren Doherty is joined by Byron as he engages in a wide-ranging conversation about combining his life as a musician and agricultural consultant, the Dehesa Australis vision, Australia’s extinct megafauna, and future pathways for regenerative agriculture.  ...
  • SIBLING REGIONS - Fostering Eco-agricultural Relationships
    SIBLING REGIONS – Fostering Eco-agricultural Relationships
                                           NB: the following are notes for an article I am still working on and should not be considered the final product. – Byron Joel, August 2018.    ...

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